Product commercial video production shoot in Vancouver BC Canada

Product commercial video production with Vancouver videographer

SmallFish Media was recently hired as the Vancouver videographers for a product commercial video production. SmallFish created footage for a product commercial which will be used on an online cooking show. The product is cooking oil called Tallow by WhoaNelly’s. It’s an animal based cooking oil which is promoted to have many health benefits and will be featured in Whole Foods stores.

Creating a product commercial involves a number of moving parts. Setting up sufficient lighting and managing the existing lighting, capturing clean audio, planning the scenes and working with talent. As a small Vancouver video production company shooting a product commercial, you’re also the camera operator.

Sample of the product commercial video production

The above was simply created to feature some of the scenes shot that day. The final edit for the product commercial will be more refined and be organized more appropriately for a cooking show, featuring the Tallow product.

If you’re in search of a Vancouver videographer to film and edit a product commercial, feel free to contact us for a quote.