Vancouver video Interview production with Kuba Oms

Video interview production with singer Kuba Oms

This was a fun video interview production with Vancouver singer and song writer Kuba Oms. The release of Kuba’s latest single, ‘None of Us Are Free‘, warranted a release video which mixed the elements of video interview, music video and snap some artistic photos. SmallFish Media was hired as the interview production company to create the concept, film, photography and complete the final edit.

The concept of the video was to help promote the new single Kuba released called ‘None of Us Are Free’. In his latest single, Kuba was going back to his roots, vintage, classical, 60’s and 70’s production. It was important to give the video a more vintage look and feel, to highlight the character of the music. This was achieved by creating the look in photoshop with all images & using video plugins such as mRestyle, mMusic Video, mFilm Matte and m16mm. On a side note, all of these plugins are available from MotionVFX for Final Cut Pro.

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